Beetlefouria - B'a By'e Babylon


Love For The Moment

Lady, Tie My Shoes

Myth Of The Llama


(You Won't) Walk This Way Again

2) Fields Of Love

Curtain Of Love

Knuke Rhapsody Blues

With You

B'a By'e Babylon  

Playboy Internationale

1) As The World Turns (Turns)

G.G. Giggilo

Acapulco Golde

Our Bluebird

2) The Nile Nash

Playboy Internationale

Twinkle Tinkle Little Star

Thoma's D-Generation

My Song

(The) Queene For A Day  

Ever Return

1) Ever Return

The Window's Eyes

Blue-Blue Jeans

Scourge Of War - "Dear John...."

The Blessing Of Children

Simple Song

2) One Day We Stood

Eagle (War Of Souls)

East-West All

Columbia Avenue Blues (Philadelphia)  

La Charma

1) Lake Of Fire


So Summer

(Let's Get) Syrious

La Charme

2) If I Ever

The Net Drag

Las Vegas Themes

This Universe

Why Are Their Pencils ?  

Belmont's Dream (Dream of Belmont)

1) My Heart From The Shelf

Love Song (What You Do To Me)

Jack - Paris Is Burning

Belmont's Dream (Dream Of Belmont) [dedicated to Spring Fever Day, Phialdelphia PA USA WFIL] Orleans New Year

2) Moses And The Prophets

The Honor Of Egypt

I'll Tell

My Pretty Lady

At The Edge Of The Woods Ballad

Walking With You  


1) The Big Step

Ended Friends

What Is Money ?

Lourdes's (The Inner Woman)

Lovers That

The Lady Bug Song

2) Say (That You Love Me)

Love, Peace, And War - A Beetles' Anthym

Ghost Of Argentine


Fly Fly Fly

Some Chineese New Year  


1) TGIF This One

No Dead Men Tell Tales

Play Play

Open Highways

It's You (Baby)

Locusts and Frogs

The Bed

2) Fallen' Timber

More War Pigs Theme

Last Supper's

A Rock Anthym [Dedicated to Niel Young C/S/N/Y/]  

'The Beginning Of Revenges' - "The Rose"

1) (Let's) Fall In Love

Boss Of Nova

Lady In Golde

Polynesian Girls (Oceanic Blues)

(World) War Theatre

Memories In Spring

2) Someday Comes

'The Beginning of Revenges - The Rose'

Take Me (Take Me The Way)



New World Over

1) Raddish Patch (Five Easy Pieces)

Hearing The News (Moscow Mamma) [Dedicated to Mrs.Yoko Ono Lennon]

Have You Ever ?

Close At Hand

2)The Line  

"They Said...."

New World Over

Green Rush Of Onyx Trees  

Psalm Of Fate

1) There's a Moon Over Miami


At The Sound Of The Bell [Dedicated to Rev Dr. Martin L. King]

On Mother's Day

You Won't Need A Guide

2) Hippie Yippie Hippie Shakes

Never Never Again

Psalm Of Fate

Instrumental - "The Mall"

Above It All  

"10" - "Ten's" - 10

1) Die With Me

Love Is Pain

Venice, By The Sea

On The Scene


2) Her Love

"10" - Ten - Ten's


The Lonely Blues

Three Sisters  

Sorrowed Company

1) (I Just) Can't Stop Loving You

Here With Me

T.L.F (True Love Forever Lives)

Sorrowed Company

Love's Never Ending

2) I'll Be Around Too

Weeds In Bloom

Show Me (We Were All In D.C.)

American River Ballad  


SIDE 1 )

Indemnities (beetle barmitzvah)

Twist And Shout Rendition

Sunshine Bllues (For Jenny)

(The) Show Must Go On

Our Day (Days)

SIDE 2 )

Dusty Dustpin (For Pam)

St. John's Infirmity (Infirmary)

'Hot Fudge, And Lemonade'

Greene Queene

'Icicles Of Spring'  

Antidisestablishmentarianism (To The Establishment)

1) So Lonely

Sigh Of Never

Since You've Been Leaving

Floating Downstream

Ohoa Koka

2) So Hung Up On You

Image Of Stone

Knocked On Wood

To The Establishment

On Bended Knee  

Summer Of Kalamazoo

1) Ol' Mr. Mustard

Summer Of Kalamazoo

You're Strange

Gerie (Gear)

On Such A Day

2) Return Of Godzilla


Perfect Little Woman

Laughing Dogs

Yellower Rose Of Texas  

' "M-16"  The All American Blues Album'

1) The Chesapeake Monster

So Seine

Agent Pueblo

Sham-Cam (CamShaft)

2) M-16

The Border Of Wickedness

The Gavel And The Gun


More Power To The People  

Indian Summer

1) Nomad Carravan

Black Rocke

Bar Flies (Eat At Joe's)

Indian Summer

Buddy Holly Lives - (Invasion Of The Crickets) [Dedicated To Buddy Holly]

Hey There Mr. Bo Diddley - (American St. Louis Blues)

Greene Pastures

The Cherry Tree

(To The) End Of Infinity  

Majic Ram

1) What Of The Night ?

Walking Death

An Infamy

Majic Ram

Woodstock Place


2) As Long As You Are There

Catbirds And Magpie

Three To Get Ready

Many, Many Happy Returns  

(O'er) Donkey Patch

1) The Day The Towers Fall

Summer Of Kalamazoo

Her Love

Love Is Waiting In The Wings [Dedicated to Jackie Kennedy Onasis]

Ballad Of Daphne [dedicated to Curt Cobain]

2) Try To Understand


Kiss Of Peace - (The Catholic Sheperd's Pie's Due)

O'er Donkey Patch

American Indian Jam

Sunday Brunch  

Woodstock Place - Woodstock II 

1) Scarlet And Red

She's Got Everything

Barbarin Repose

Everytime A Winner

Will Willy Dilly

The Lonely Armadillo - (Amarillo Please ! )

Just Today

2) In Suburbia

Damon Rym (Demon Rum)

Polly, Polly - Why why

Spring Chickens

Thank You (Taps to Jimi) [dedicated to Jimi Hendrix] 


Theorum (Dip Theorium)

1) Act Of Contrition

Trifling Tripe

Those Birds And Bees

Into the Ring

Forget Me Not

2) Dynamo Flats

Theorum (Dip Therioum)

Johnny Lennon [For Beatle John lennon]

My Love For You [Dedictaed to Curt Cobain's Widow]   


"Majic Ram " + "Woodstock II, Woodstock Place"[dedicated to WoodstockII Anniversary]  

Troy Horse

1) Troye Horse Gift

Strip Stease Number

Juniper Moon

Start Tonight

Ten Commandments (What's The...)

2) Bogs On The Moors

Leaner (Mitzi's Leaner)

(In Search Of) Freedom

Oh, Saigon !

Promotions And  

Red Square - 'Keepers of the Field'

1) 'Letter Of Herbert - The Adventures Of Major Goose And Asia Minor'

Joseph, Whom You....

Keepers Of The Field

After A Fine Rain [Dedicated to the OK City Bombing]

In A Culture

The Ressurection Ballad Of Moscow

2) Parading

Red Square

a. Prolouge

b. Epilouge  


1) New Years Song

Why Don't We Sing This Altogether Now ! [Dedicated to the Rolling Stones]

White Fields

(Some Of My) Favorite Things

(I Was) Jilted

2) Midnight Drearier

Pieasance Fantasquo ! (Fanarchy)

At The Savoy Ritze

'Letter Of Herbert - The Adventures Of Major Goose And Asia Minor'  

Alpha Ranger

1) Skies Of Blue (John's) [dedicated to John Belushi]



Alpha Ranger

Doubtful Thomas's

2) Kent U. Ode [For the fallen, Kent State U. May 04, 1970 Massacre]

Leaving Germany Tonite

Johnny Doesn't Work Here Anymore  

(The) Perfect Escape

1) (The) Perfect Escape

Fool Around Town

Rare Bier

Appointments (With Death)

Such A Sweet Time

Sometimes (That Way)

2) Camelot For Sale

Ostrich Kingdom

Winning Winn

Job's Prayer

Krypto 1020  

Kessington Slate 

1) Roamin' Buffalo

Rainy Sunday-Mondays

More Power To The People

Avatar (Psychoteque)

Cherish The Day [Dedicated to Robert F. Kennedy]

2) Red Hawk River [Dedicated to Linda McCartney]

Quicke Silver

Take My Leave [Dedicated to Bob Dylan]

Darkness Of Your Mind

Kennsington Slate {Dedicated to Princess Diana}  

2093 Road Kill

(Dedicated To 911)

1) 2093

Millennium Mann (911 Tribute)

Snow Squalls

Show Begin

Innkeeper [Dedicated to Beatle George Harrison]

2) Mama Angel's Hell

(They'll Be) Peace In The Valley

Quarter To Three

Road Kill (e)

' "All Of Our Good-Byes" or 'Another Rose For England'  

(An Equitorial Decopage) '  


[ This Album is entirely dedicated to the JFK 50 Year Memorial Day ]

1) FireSam (and the dead turtles)

Axes Powers

'Lamp Urn'

Desert Rows

Free People  


Where The Children Go

(The) War Might Be Over

There Once Is A Day

Time For Leaving Rosie Dear

Double Down and Dirty  

Today the Bells Were Ringing For Jack


Rapunsal Poems

1)Rolling Seasons

One More Hill

How Do I Say Good Bye

Golden Streets of Gold

Calif Dreamin

Rapunsal Poems

2) The Natural Day

Dorado Riders

Last Stop


One More Dance

Dearest Prudence 


Terra Incognita 

1) Hearts And Hearts


Doom Dome

Marmalade Bisquits

She Said, She Said  

(2) Once More Love 


Docker Robert 

Low Places