Welcome to the Beetle Union Classic Rock Band Club

About Us

The musicians

Gerald F , President 

Rythm Guitarist, Keyboards, Lead Vocals  

Jack W  

Bass Guitarist, Lead Vocals  


Lead Solo Guitarist, Vocals 

John F  

Second Rythm Guitarist, Keyboards, Vocals 

Billy L. 

Drummer, Percussions, Vocals

Our history

Beetle Union is a Classic Rock Band circa 1960s and active today. We began in 1967 as a Mainline Philadelphia botique rock group named "The Assassinators", which was an original one night stand. Mainline Philadelphia includes upscale cities, burroughs west from Philadelphia from Bala Cynwyd to Lower Merion, Havertown, Ardmore thru Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Villanova, Saint David's, Berwyn and Paoli.

Currently president of the Beetle Union, I was lead vocalist with The Assassinators - not playing an instrument. I joined a life long buddy venturing a more mainstream rock and roll happening.  I was now playing drums and my buddy a guitarist.  He convinced to move to guitarist and vocals and engage our local drummer we knew.  Apparently in a case of mistaken identity perhaps, tragically he was assassinated one dark day.  I call it "a magician of death made him disappear". There is no replacing like there was no replacing John Lennon, and that year following when John Lennon was assassinated our band began our new namesake "Beetle Union".  This is based on the Beatles heavy song "Come Together". 

ORIGIN: Originally we chose simply "beetles" as the band's name - always with a little b. There was/is a comic strip called "beetle bailey" which is where the name "beetle" came from. But also like the Christian religion everyone is Christian. With "Beatlemania" all the rest of rockers are like Beatles too, and so we chose "beetles" and reflecting this. Beatle George Harrison once quipped in an interview, about verbatim, "All these interviewers keep asking what's it like to be a Beatle. Well, what's it like not to be a Beatle." (meaning all unbelievers will perish) . 

"Come together over me" are haunting words thinking of John being martyred in a sense like Jesus.  Considering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is as similar. Jesus was teaching many Jews scattered to now come together through Him, The Word delivered over his death and resurrection as the new testament - the Scriptures as well citing many times the scattered sheep of Israel shall be gathered. Beatlemania covers us all and they were indeed heads of the "revolution" of love and peace as opposed to war and disbelief. There was a rich man who asked Jesus what he must do to enter Heaven, and reminds us of the worldwide song performed by the Beatles called "All you need is Love". 

Our sound

Beetle Union is a Classic Rock Band circa 1960s and active today. Beginning as a botique rock n roll sound, moved more central with many songs influenced by the original rock groups as The Beatles and Moody Blues who created and established the Orchestral Rock N Roll category. The Beatles of course introduced very unique style in the Acid Rock music as it was called - Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane etc.